About Shannon
About Shannon

I am the owner/ sole operator of Shannon's Pet Care.  I am licensed, bonded, insured, and have been in business business since 2001. 

I walk dogs 5 days a week exclusively  at a private 4 acre fenced in ranch in Montara
-- No penned-in dog parks for your pooches! 

I have been petsitting for as long as I have been walking dogs. I am happy to provide boarding for my current dog walking clients at my home in San Bruno and have the perfect set-up for a happy stay. I am professional, honest, cautious, & dependable. I treat each dog with the same respect & love that their owners do. I'm the owner of 2 dogs myself so I understand how important their safety and happiness are. I love each one of my client's dogs and think of them as part of my extended family. 

What Can You Expect from Shannon's Pet Care? 

A very well-exercised dog 

A dog who has had lots of social and "paltime" with the others in his/her group 

A well-cared for dog who is safe from pick-up to return 

A pet who misses you while you're gone but has a great 2nd home to take away the blues